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Will Tanning Go Out Of Style?

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We are living in a tan-obsessed world. I would certainly welcome it when pale comes back into fashion, although that is highly unlikely. Tanning is so prevalent, despite all the health risks, that unless a lot more Hollywood starlets start sporting a beautiful, but fair, complexion, it will never go out of fashion.

Yet, it seems some people tan as if it WAS going out of fashion. The fact that some people fell for the farce of tanning through their computer shows how desperate people are to get a tan. Now, there is a new injectable drug, called Melanotan. Although this stuff is unlicensed in the UK, it is available, and people have taken advantage of it. Despite experts’ advice against use of the drug, due to its side effects and the fact that it is untested and unlicensed. They also worry that some people are reusing needles in order to inject themselves, which creates further problems. Now, they are urging retailers not to sell them. Yet, the product is available on the internet, so that all sales cannot be prevented.

Studies have shown that tanning can cause many skin problems, from cosmetic to cancerous, yet people do not seem to heed the warnings. They are constantly on the search for “safer” means to tan. But, there has not been any means that have been considered “safe”, yet people have not given up tanning for pleasure.

I cannot see what is so attractive in someone looking like a lobster, as a prelude to a beautiful tan. Or, those who tan so often in the tanning beds that they no longer look like their own race. Not everyone is attractive in dark skin.