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Anti-wrinkle Creams Proven To Work

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Two years ago, a scientist declared that there was evidence that a Boots face cream did decrease the appearance of wrinkles.  The public reacted by buying up five-months’ worth of stock on the cream within one day.  Now, two years since that first announcement, Professor Griffiths’ team showed evidence that the cream works.  The cream was found to increase fibrillin, which promotes elasticity in the skin, making it smoother.

But don’t rush out to buy that cream.  Though the study showed that the cream increased fibrillin, it did not state how much or in what percentage of people.  However, less than 50% showed improvement in their wrinkles.  Nearly 25% of people showed improvement using a regular moisturiser.  The study only looked at one brand from Boots pharmacy, but the researchers feel that similar products would probably show similar results.  Nevertheless, he felt that prescription creams with retinoic acid are probably even better.

Whether you feel a 25% improvement over the use of regular moisturisers is enough justification for the extra expense of buying the special formula, then you can find it at Boots.  The cream will be renamed No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum.  It was previously called No.7 Refine & Rewind Beauty Serum.  Perhaps, the best therapy is prevention by avoidance of the sun (or tanning beds).