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Anti-wrinkle Creams Proven To Work

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Two years ago, a scientist declared that there was evidence that a Boots face cream did decrease the appearance of wrinkles.  The public reacted by buying up five-months’ worth of stock on the cream within one day.  Now, two years since that first announcement, Professor Griffiths’ team showed evidence that the cream works.  The cream was found to increase fibrillin, which promotes elasticity in the skin, making it smoother.

But don’t rush out to buy that cream.  Though the study showed that the cream increased fibrillin, it did not state how much or in what percentage of people.  However, less than 50% showed improvement in their wrinkles.  Nearly 25% of people showed improvement using a regular moisturiser.  The study only looked at one brand from Boots pharmacy, but the researchers feel that similar products would probably show similar results.  Nevertheless, he felt that prescription creams with retinoic acid are probably even better.

Whether you feel a 25% improvement over the use of regular moisturisers is enough justification for the extra expense of buying the special formula, then you can find it at Boots.  The cream will be renamed No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum.  It was previously called No.7 Refine & Rewind Beauty Serum.  Perhaps, the best therapy is prevention by avoidance of the sun (or tanning beds).

Will Tanning Go Out Of Style?

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We are living in a tan-obsessed world. I would certainly welcome it when pale comes back into fashion, although that is highly unlikely. Tanning is so prevalent, despite all the health risks, that unless a lot more Hollywood starlets start sporting a beautiful, but fair, complexion, it will never go out of fashion.

Yet, it seems some people tan as if it WAS going out of fashion. The fact that some people fell for the farce of tanning through their computer shows how desperate people are to get a tan. Now, there is a new injectable drug, called Melanotan. Although this stuff is unlicensed in the UK, it is available, and people have taken advantage of it. Despite experts’ advice against use of the drug, due to its side effects and the fact that it is untested and unlicensed. They also worry that some people are reusing needles in order to inject themselves, which creates further problems. Now, they are urging retailers not to sell them. Yet, the product is available on the internet, so that all sales cannot be prevented.

Studies have shown that tanning can cause many skin problems, from cosmetic to cancerous, yet people do not seem to heed the warnings. They are constantly on the search for “safer” means to tan. But, there has not been any means that have been considered “safe”, yet people have not given up tanning for pleasure.

I cannot see what is so attractive in someone looking like a lobster, as a prelude to a beautiful tan. Or, those who tan so often in the tanning beds that they no longer look like their own race. Not everyone is attractive in dark skin.

Beware Detox Claims From Supplements

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Poor Prince Charles. There’s never enough controversy for the Royal family. Now, his herbal line is under attack for unscientific claims. Several months ago, studies were reported which showed that detoxification claims by various supplements were unfounded. Scientists had warned the public of the dangers of using these agents on the grounds that they were ineffective.

In fact, scientists find that many substances are claimed to have detoxification effects, but what is meant by these detoxification effects has never been revealed. Prince Charles has long been an advocate of complementary medicine and a champion of organic agriculture, so it is not surprising to find that he has his own line of herbal supplements, called Duchy Herbals. Although not all supplements in his line are under attack, his Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture is. It is supposedly made from artichoke and dandelion, but it unclear how these two natural products act as a detox agent.

Charles fiercest critic is Dr. Edzard Ernst, who accused the Prince of ‘outright quackery’. He uses strong words to express his outrage that this royal personage would promote something so unscientific to poor unsuspecting victims. (And to charge lots of money for it as well.) He fears that the public may be led to believe they can overindulge on bad things, then be able to clean themselves out with the detox agents. But the prince’s problems do not stop there. His herbal claims are now under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Though I do not believe the ‘detoxing’ claims by supplements, I doubt that the Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture is downright harmful. That is, if it really is made from artichokes and dandelions. That part is always in dispute once an herbal agent is turned into some supplement. That’s why I would always advocate that anyone wishing to use a supplement should just turn to the real thing. Why not eat real artichokes and dandelions? I’m sure it’s much more nutritious. I know it may sound crazy to eat dandelions, but dandelion leaves are supposed to be delicacies in salads served in posh restaurants.

I see the whole Duchy Herbal row as a comedy. However, I would warn anyone against believing all the claims from herbal supplements. They should always consult with their doctors before using them, and inform their doctors afterwards, as many supplements have interactions with other medications. Most of all, it has been shown that detoxification agents have no basis for their claims.

Night Shifts Linked To Cancer

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I have pointed to all the dangers of not getting enough sleep, but I was surprised to find that some study in the past had pointed to an association between disrupted or lack of sleep and cancer risk. How they discovered this, I have no idea. But the fact that there was a link between working late night hours (or night shifts), which causes the disrupted sleep pattern, and the risk of cancer has now led to Denmark compensating women who worked night shifts and developed cancer. Of course, only those women who demonstrat that the cancer was caused by working night shifts and no other causes are the ones getting the compensation.

There is a theory that melatonin, which is produced by the brain in response to sunlight, has some protection against cancer. For those working night shifts, the production of melatonin is suppressed, which makes them vulnerable to developing cancer. So far, it appears that the women being compensated are those who developed breast cancer. It is still unclear, however, what role melatonin plays in breast cancer protection.

So, in addition to getting adequate sleep, now we must ensure that we sleep at the right time. Which means that those in financial hardships may have to give up their night jobs if they have to protect their health. For, if they are not healthy, they cannot work.