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Thierry Henry For Five Months Not Five Weeks

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Reports this morning say that Arsene Wenger doesn’t want Thierry Henry for a short-term loan in January. He wants him to stay for the rest of the season.


Arsenal and Thierry Henry’s club, the New York Red Bulls have already agreed a six-week loan for Henry starting January 1.

But Arsene Wenger wants more and wants to keep Henry until May. The problem with that, is that would mean that Henry would miss around a third of the MLS season, which kicks-off in March. Something the Red Bulls are not likely to approve.

Henry is back in London and trained with the Gunners for three days last week and according to some people who saw those sessions, Henry looked in much better shape than he was last season.

Henry was a pleasant surprise last season, but is he really the answer to Arsenal’s goal scoring woes? And if Wenger is looking at Henry, does that mean that Arsenal will not be bringing in another striker like Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in January?

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Fight the Dragon in POE

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If i can’t kite the dragon…
if i kill the adds but then i can’t tank the dragon…

Then let the adds surround me and prevent BIG DADDY from getting closer !

That was my method this time ! The tanks were basically “Meat Shields” ! As long as the adds were all around me, the dragon couldn’t engage and was simply moving, trying to get closer but without succeeding !

My whole party had their Ranged Weapons equipped, even the tanks engaged with the adds, and EVERYBODY was targeting BIG DADDY ! Everybody but… the priest behind ! No i wanted him to cast his prayers against Paralysis, and to cast Group Bonus to Accuracy, Attributes and Deflection.

The secret was in the summons ! And on that particular case, my chanter played a fabulous role ! Kana leveled to lvl 14 as i said at the beginning… and he got his “6 phrases” summon where i chosen the Swamp Spore ! God this plant can turn the tide of battles as it did for this one !


The adds were surrounding me, the dragon couldn’t engage me, waiting for Kana to reach his 6 phrases i was summoning a wizard clone, or using one of my summoning artifacts (wurms… adra beetle… shadows… whatever !) to distract the dragon behind… And then Kana was ready ! Popped up the Swamp Spore and began to target the Ice Blights, which are… vulnerable to Domination

I began to target and dominate every ice blights on the screen ! And what’s good is that domination spell is sticking for a long time ! So the dragon was annoyed by his own adds. When the swamp spore duration was over… i simply created a wizard clone or simply used one my summoning artefacts to distract the dragon until… kana was ready once more to Pop up another Swamp Spore !

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