Fight the Dragon in POE

If i can’t kite the dragon…
if i kill the adds but then i can’t tank the dragon…

Then let the adds surround me and prevent BIG DADDY from getting closer !

That was my method this time ! The tanks were basically “Meat Shields” ! As long as the adds were all around me, the dragon couldn’t engage and was simply moving, trying to get closer but without succeeding !

My whole party had their Ranged Weapons equipped, even the tanks engaged with the adds, and EVERYBODY was targeting BIG DADDY ! Everybody but… the priest behind ! No i wanted him to cast his prayers against Paralysis, and to cast Group Bonus to Accuracy, Attributes and Deflection.

The secret was in the summons ! And on that particular case, my chanter played a fabulous role ! Kana leveled to lvl 14 as i said at the beginning… and he got his “6 phrases” summon where i chosen the Swamp Spore ! God this plant can turn the tide of battles as it did for this one !


The adds were surrounding me, the dragon couldn’t engage me, waiting for Kana to reach his 6 phrases i was summoning a wizard clone, or using one of my summoning artifacts (wurms… adra beetle… shadows… whatever !) to distract the dragon behind… And then Kana was ready ! Popped up the Swamp Spore and began to target the Ice Blights, which are… vulnerable to Domination

I began to target and dominate every ice blights on the screen ! And what’s good is that domination spell is sticking for a long time ! So the dragon was annoyed by his own adds. When the swamp spore duration was over… i simply created a wizard clone or simply used one my summoning artefacts to distract the dragon until… kana was ready once more to Pop up another Swamp Spore !

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